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We thank all of those who contribute  to the Deaf Apostolate during the collections at the Deaf Community Mass.   Thank you also to those who donate through the Newsletter appeal. If you would like to contribute using a credit card CLICK HERE to make a general donation or a donation to support a specific event or program.   


The most vital resource of the Deaf Apostolate is its staff and volunteers who are eager to serve individuals who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing and to assist parishes in providing access for parishioners who are deaf.  Other resources available include:

Schedule of Masses in American Sign Language
ASL Interpreter Services
Deaf Apostolate Weekly Religious Education Program
Prayers in American Sign Language DVD Order Form 
Religous Sign App
Deaf Catholic Renewal Prayer 

 IMG_2102Deaf Ministry Links

Fr. MD Kitchen – A Catholic VLOG in ASL
International Catholic Deaf Association (ICDA)
National Catholic Office for The Deaf (NCOD)
International Catholic Foundation for the Service of Deaf Persons (ICF)
Camp Mark Seven- Summer Programs 
Holley Family Village Deaf Summer Programs – Summer Programs for Families 
The Deaf Catholic Mom- A Catholic VLOG on Religious Topics

 12046626_10153665814883615_6206971937479818044_nDeaf Community Services Links

PAHrtners Deaf Service Center
Valley View-Mercy Life
Liberty Resources Deaf Outreach



Interpreting Services Links

Deaf Hearing Communication Center
Communication Connection
PA Office For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Interpreter Listing