Deaf Catholic Lay Organizations: Organizations of the Deaf Catholics support the mission of the Deaf Apostolate and plan spiritual and social events throughout the year:

International Catholic Deaf Association, Chapter #8
Our Lady of Ransom, Philadelphia


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The  elected officers of the ICDA, Chapter # 8 are: President -Norman Smeal, Vice President -Billy Griffin, Secretary -Carol Lynch; Treasurer-Jeff Fitzgerald; Board of Governors– Jim Gillin, Mike Lynch and Rosie Yuch; Board of Trustees– Sandra Vita, Kathy Tapley and Loretta Smeal and the Parliamentarian– John Dinubile. Sr. Kathleen Schipani, IHM is the chapter’s moderator and spiritual advisor.


The ICDA Chapter # 8, which was chartered in 1952, follows the goals and purpose of the ICDA-US which includes:

  • To promote cultural, spiritual and social union among deaf and hard-of-hearing Catholics;
  • To promote the teachings and principles of the Catholic Church among deaf and hard of hearing people under the guidance of the bishops in union with the Holy Father, the Pope;
  • To engage in charitable work pertaining to the educational, spiritual and moral development of deaf and hard of hearing Catholics;
  • To provide accurate information to the public, concerning deaf and hard-of-hearing Catholics; and
  • To recognize all people as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, our Savior.